Sacred Space for Women born to Lead


“Receive the keys to your divine feminine power, to the womb of creation itself, and the wisdom that is yours to bring through for these times. Lead from             a sacred union within, from your natural inner seat of leadership.                        Lead with nothing missing.” ~ Ann Bromley

DIVINELY FEMININE Leadership is an intentional global COMMUNITY. Wise Women coming together to inspire and celebrate each other at this magical moment of  human evolution. Women, who have known from childhood that they are here to make a difference, even if they are unsure as yet what that may fully look like.


The SANCTUARY is where we meet. A sacred space for rest, renewal and re-orientation. Monthly themes to support you, plus Retreats and Masterclasses. An intentional space to deepen your remembering of who you truly are and why you are here. 

Please know your PRESENCE makes a difference, here and in the world. You are of immeasurable value. Simply because you exist. 

You are a sacred land where sacred waters flow and sacred flowers wish to bloom. 

If these words touch you, listen as you would to the wind in the trees, or the birds singing. You may be listening to the song of yourself, what I would call your womb song.


Is there a longing in you to come home? To rest in the arms of LOVE? To be held and resourced beyond your dreams, so you may birth your vision into the world? DIVINELY FEMININE Leadership was born out of my personal experience of doing simply that. Now I am passionate about creating spaces for other women to enjoy the same. Sacred spaces full of love, magic and mystery, like this one. 


You were born to be here now, at this amazing moment of global transformation. Attending to the third stage of spiritual awakening, sacred womb awakening. Getting clear about your sacred work in the world. Birthing your dreams naturally. Experiencing success, ease and joy, the hallmarks of BUSINESS WITH PRESENCE. The old paradigm model doesn't match your intuition and high sensitivity. You are likely to have experienced overwhelm, exhaustion and heartbreak. Join an international circle of women shaping a new paradigm, one that comes from wholeness, serving the whole and honouring all beings.


You can join: HERE